Incentives, rewards and lifestyle for messages, web, apps, mobiles and TVs usage – Cloudbanter for end users

Richer lifestyle experience whilst gaining attractive sign-up and ongoing incentives & rewards

End users are more technologically savvy, demanding and cost conscious than ever before. The traditional model for end user services has always been very simple but the world has changed. Mobile operators, retailers, brands and businesses need to find more effective ways of engaging and motivating users using messages, web, apps, mobiles and TVs which their customers want to use.

Cloudbanter’s ongoing user incentive points rewards scheme allows users to earn points from usage then redeem for

rewards of cashback, mobile allowances, products, services and brands offers

A new world of messages, web, apps, mobiles and TVs for end users

Cloudbanter’s inserts fixed, real-time, rotating, unobtrusive and relevant digital advertising content banner at the bottom of the screen based on users’ predefined profile and preferences. Perfect for aspirational and cost sensitive individuals, Cloudbanter allows users to reduce their costs and enjoy incentives & rewards, at the same time as receiving highly relevant lifestyle products, services, brands, adverts, content, offers, prizes, competitions, promotions and discounts powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. 

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