Cloudbanter is an organization committed to one over-arching goal – the democratization of communications and lifestyle for everyone, making accessible and affordable by users and businesses. Gone are the days when technology was used predominately in the western world. Today, devices and technology are so ubiquitous that individuals, families, communities, businesses, governments and countries across the globe can take advantage of new and exciting technology – the world is getting smaller and we think that is a great thing.

That said, affordability can create a barrier to access. Equally, we don’t think great messages, web, apps, mobiles and TVs which users love should fall flat because its provider has no way to monetize and personalize it. Here at Cloudbanter, we want to make use of technology more affordable and accessible for everyone, or at least to help mobile operators, retailers, brands and businesses to offer more incentives to users. We believe our technology is the key to helping these organizations utilize their data more effectively, helping advertisers & agencies reach their target audiences more efficiently and helping all users get access to the same advanced technology.

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